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With a network of professional "Gėlių stilius" salons in Vilnius, we can deliver your order within a few hours or, if necessary, you can pick it up independently in one of our stores!

General information: delivery is only in Vilnius. If you wish to have your order delivered to another location, such as the Vilnius area, delivery conditions can be discussed individually. You can pick up your order on your own only at the "Gėlių stilius" salon, located at 2 Žirmūnų Street, PC "Iki-Vilnius" (entrance from the outside). If you wish to have your order delivered to another location or picked up at a different salon (indicate which one), please contact us using the contact details provided. We do not deliver orders on Sunday (unless it is a public holiday).

Delivery price: delivery price in Vilnius - 9EUR (including VAT), and pick-up in the "Gėlių stilius" salon - free of charge. If you choose flower delivery, the price will be included automatically in the checkout window.

Delivery time:

Orders are delivered:

Weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00h

On Saturdays from 9:00 to 15:00.

On public holidays - all day. On the day of the holiday, we deliver your order according to availability, i.e. not necessarily in your preferred varnish.

We do not deliver on Sunday (unless it is a public holiday). 

If your order is placed before 4pm, same day delivery is available (unless otherwise requested). In the run-up to the holidays, we recommend placing your order in advance due to the increased volume of orders. When you place an order in our online shop, you will be asked to select your preferred date and time for delivery/collection at the showroom. Although the fastest possible delivery time from the time you place your order is 3 working hours, and the order is ready for collection in the showroom within 1 working hour, we always take your preferred time into account and, where possible, we will endeavour to deliver/prepare your order as quickly as possible. If you would like a different (unspecified) delivery or pick-up time, please use the contact details below. Please note that your order is specially made and reserved for the time specified at the time of ordering. If the time of your order is changed, your order will not be remade again. I.e. the same order will be delivered that could not be delivered at the specified time.

Cases where we cannot guarantee a highly accurate delivery time:

  • during major holidays (Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day);

  • if the flowers are sent to a hospital. In this case, please indicate the department, ward number, name of the consignee. We leave the order at the reception;

  • sending flowers to the hotel. In this case, please provide the room number of the addressee and the name under which the person is registered in the hotel's customer book. The reservation is left at the hotel reception;

  • the delivery guarantee does not cover places such as campsites, military bases, ships, seaports, or airports.

Delivery Address: Please check that you have entered the correct delivery location address (house number, apartment number, door code), including the recipient's name and telephone number. We are not responsible for late execution or non-execution of an order due to an incorrectly entered or entered incomplete address.

If the recipient is not in the location specified, we will try to call the recipient later. If we are unable to deliver the flowers or contact the recipient within 6 hours after the first attempt to deliver the order to the recipient, we will notify you about the unfulfilled order. If we fail to fulfill the order due to not reached recipient, we may leave the flowers to a trusted third party (neighbors, administrator, concierge, funeral home, etc.) under the condition that the flowers will be given to the recipient. The same applies to accessories to be sent (eg postcards, gifts, etc.).

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